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Over the years, we have been very happy to collaborate and create relevant artistic content with movie stars, influencers, socialites, singers, independent artists and maverick curators and media representatives, while keeping true to our promise to make creative sustainable enticing fashion available to everyone who wants to feel special.


Established in 2015, SABINNE focuses on creativity and sustainability in fashion with an open and inclusive attitude. The aim of SABINNE is to offer sustainable high-end fashion to trend-setters with an authentic style. SABINNE speaks to people defined by a personal sense of style, curious about the new, but not enslaved by trends. 

We encourage women to choose the garments that maximize their potential, best fit their personality and their frame, not just go after ephemeral trends. This is a self-trust building mechanism that aims to empower women. 

Here are a few examples of our most significant collaborations so far:




Very active on the international music scene, Eneli chose Sabinne on a number of occasions: in TV shows, on set for her newest videos and on stage during her concerts. We highly appreciate Eneli and we invite you to look her up on YouTube and Spotify and buy her music!


Alexandra Ungureanu


 Her music talent and her unique sense of style have always fascinated the public. From winning fashion TV shows to performing on stage, she is an iconic presence. Here gracing the pages of Fashion magazines with an outfit from Sabinne. Make sure to follow her activity on Youtube Spotify and social media.


Alina Sorescu

singer, Tv show host, influencer

Alina is a great artist and also an amazing human being. Her singing career is successful and she has dedicated a lot of time and effort to teaching children to sing. Look her up on YouTube and Spotify and check out her activity. Here you can see that she chose to wear Sabinne in her music videos.


Diana Sar

actress, model, influencer

Diana is a very popular actress and international model. Her distinctive, refined look has propelled her onto the world scene as a unique character, very sought after. Although very young, her career is soaring and we are very appreciative of the fact that she chose to wear Sabinne. Rock on, Diana!


Andreea Ilie

opera singer

So proud to be associated with amazing independent women that have outstanding careers and develop constantly. Andreea as a mezzo-soprano for the National Opera in Bucharest has had an amazing path and we are sure she will continue to rise on the international scene as well. 

Gianina Corondan In Sabinne.jpg

Gianina Corondan

Journalist, influencer, 

Ever since the beginning of her career, Gianina surprised the entertainment world with her many talents. She hosted Tv shows, she was an MC for lifestyle events, she is also a musician and put a band together in the past. Now she is the founder of Designer in Vitrina, a platform dedicated to fashion designers in Romania where Sabinne is more that happy to be a part of. We hold Gianina in high esteem!


Adda Marie

model, English Teacher

Miss World Romania 2023

Miss International Romania 2022

Miss Adda Marie has all the attributes of a gentle woman> beauty, class, manners, intelligence. So thankful for this collaboration.


Rebecca Bumputu

professional dancer

As a professional dancer, Rebecca's career is very impressive. From music videos to owning her own bachata dance school she is an indepdendent lady who has proven she can be anything she sets her mind to. 


Anisa Sandulache


Anisa is a journalist and communication expert. She hosts her own show on A7 Tv, Fresh Access. Her playful style and harmonious silhouette fit perfectly to Sabinne. So glad to have you on board, Anisa!


Nara Jackson


With a uniquely exotic and powerful, yet feminine look, Nara graced us with her presence at photo shootings in the past and several projects we made. Thank you, Nara, for being there! 

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 04_edited.jpg

Irina Rimes


With a unique voice and such strong sense of style, Irina is genuinely an icon. She chose our Metamorph hoodie for a show in Moscow. We appreciate it.


Alina Ilioi-Muresan

TV host

A journalist with a background in television, Alina is a young and fresh TV host for A7 TV. She has also written 3 books, and is an active content creator. Thank you, Alina!


Liana Badalau


Liana is a fellow artist, specialising in textile art, digital design and painting. She is the author of the painting on the back of the Sabinne Dragon Heart robe. Thank you, Liana, for all the support!

emanuel iuhas_edited_edited.jpg

Emanuel Iuhas


Blogger, socialite, influencer, impressive experience of working for fashion retailers as PR specialist, Emanuel and I go way back to the beginning of the fashion industry in Romania, when he was one of the very few male influencers around.


Cheherezada Okotaka-Ebale


Actress, singer and model, overall a very talented and delightful presence in the entertainment business. Thank you for choosing Sabinne!




Grammy Award winning artist and international music star chose to collaborate with Sabinne for her concert in Bucharest on September 21st, 2021. Follow her on Spotify and Youtube, also view her social media for more news and fresh music.

image0 (1).jpeg

Andreea Sandu

cultural manager

Always such an inspiration to work with independent women, with relevant professional backgrounds and fresh views. Andreea is a leading example in the cultural field. As independent gallery owner and curator she has been a firm and important voice in the business for more than a decade and we are proud to associate our brand with her presence.


Simona Petrescu


Simona is a very special person with a thriving modelling career. Also an entrepreneur, owner of a fashion and lifestyle platform Modelirium, she has gracefully worn Sabinne on a number of occasions Her many talents will take her wherever she wants to go. We cherish our friendship dearly.

ada gales.jpg

Ada Gales


Ada is a Romanian film and theatre actress with a very interesting career, many television shows and a fresh take on classic roles. With a strong and distinctive fashion sense, Ada continues to surprise her fans and deliver iconic looks. There is no telling how high Ada can fly because for her, sky is the limit and her many talents are the fuel to take her wherever she decides she wants to be. Thank you for choosing Sabinne.


Alina Aliman


With an impressive media career, Alina is one of our leading communication experts. She is the editor-in-chief for A List Magazine, owner of fashion and lifestyle website,  a socialite and very active journalist. We value your friendship, Alina and appreciate that you chose Sabinne on so many occasions. 


Diana Simota


Miss Supertalent Romania 2022

Miss Diana is one of the most versatile faces in the modelling business. Either angelic or devilish, she is a true chameleon when it comes to modelling. 


Lorenzo Heel

performer and designer

Actor, performer, and designer, Lorenzo calls himself: "a man of the stage". He embodies the spirit of the contemporary age, with a unique sense of fashion and his own personal style very intricate and unique. 


Daniela Stefan


Model, beauty contest winner and a very fresh presence. 

Miss Aura International Romania 2023

The Miss Globe Romania 2021


Georgiana Saraev


Talented professional model with international experience, many fashion editorials and commercial campaigns in her background. Here featured in Fashion Premium Magazine in an editorial styled by Cristina Anti.

image00003 copy.jpeg


This styling project was a collaboration with talented Antonia Leah to show off Sense of Wonder collection and take it to the streets. Male model: Steven. Photos by Flavius Stangaciu.

georgiana ionita sabinne_edited.jpg

Georgiana Ionita


Journalist, TV anchor for Spectacola, former fashion designer, herself, Georgiana Ionita found our collections inspiring and decided to show them off. Thank you so much!


Denisa Malacu


Miss Intercontinental Romania 2022

Denisa Andreea Malacu is a professional model, content creator and represented Romania in international beauty contests, bringing home titles. Proud of you, Denisa!


Camelia Capitanu

TV host

TV host, journalist, communication and PR specialist, Camelia is a very dear collaborator of Sabinne, here since the beginning. We made a lot of beautiful projects together and value her friendship and support very much.

If you would like to collaborate, 
please send an email to

This is only dedicated to persons who understand the importance of reciprocity, mutual respect and cross-promotion. The collaboration is not one-sided and should not be understood as such. If you wish to submit your intention to collaborate, please make sure you state your background and social media presence. The information you provide will be assessed by Sabinne team and you will be contacted in due time. 

Thank you!

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