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The personal goal of the designer was to create 3D effects by fabric manipulation and work with atypical fabrics, such as hard wire. The designer's vision was to evoke the neatly cut bushes in French Palace Gardens and recreate the vines and flowers of rose bushes.


Multifaceted, multifunctional, practical and fresh pieces. A special attention was given to the headpieces: they had to be big, out of the box and able to be transformed into some other object of aesthetic or practical use.


For example, in the case of the outfit with the oversized rose on the shoulder, the idea was to create a hood that could also be a shawl, if placed in front, or a cape, if placed in the back. The wire imitates real vines with thorns and leaves and can be twisted and turned to alter its shape and create different looks.


This outfit has a wire skeleton attached to the back of the blue coat and at the seem down below, in order to achieve the same multifunctional aspect. The coat can therefore be made larger, smaller, thiner, wider, shorter, longer by merely adjusting the wire to the desired shape. The wire is fully covered in fabric (blue wool) and does not harm the person wearing it or other persons.


The hat for the other piece of clothing presented has an aesthetic surprise as it is decorated with fabric roses on the inside reminding the viewer that the real beauty lies within.


This project was inspired by French Gardens, under the guidance of professor Doina Lucanu, at the University of Arts, Bucharest. 


models: Sabina Georgescu and Diana Boldeanu

photo: Pavel Radulescu

make up: Teodora Muscalu

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