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The Full Story

that forsaken love.

Insolent rebel, addictive to the bone, lovebound slave. that toxic unreasonable love you cannot do without.  another kind of love, the killing kind. 



the only truth is what you feel.

Jacket in Black Wool Sabinne
Top Sabinne
Red Latex Jacket Sabinne
Black Satin Dress Sabinne
Ruffled Corset Sabinne
Croco Trench Coat Sabinne
Black Cotton Dress with Corset Sabinne
Red Latex Jacket Sabinne
Ruffled Corset Sabinne
Satin Midi Skirt Sabinne
Mini Skirt with Ruffles Sabinne
Blue Puffer Jacket Sabinne
Deep Red Short Jacket Sabinne
Jacket in Black Wool Sabinne
Black Cotton Dress Sabinne
Red Kimono Shirt Sabinne
Retro Dress with Corset Sabinne
Black Kimono Shirt Sabinne

photos by Remus Nicolaescu

muse: Diana Simota

artistic direction and designs: Sabina Georgescu

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