Sabina Georgescu


...a firm believer in timeless elegance. 

Fresh Romanian designer dedicated to restoring that polished everyday look for women with something to say. She feels inspired by the '50s and '60s fashion and includes both organic and architectural features in her collections. Her creations are vibrant and feminine, easy to wear and visually enticing. The refined, calculated elegance of feminine gestures and posture is completed by perfect lines and finishings to create that unique look. 

2019 MA Graduate from the National University of Arts, Bucharest, See her awards and professional activity and follow her creative journey.

"I believe in the beauty of fashion. I believe it can be practical and magical, just like every woman I know. My woman is real, she has been through a lot and has survived. And she triumphed. She is a lesson to all and a pleasant person to be around. Many might not like her, but they silently admire her. My woman is strong and beautiful, smart and polite. And kind. Because without kindness and love, nothing can ever last."

SABINNE  is a women's clothing brand founded in 2015, based on a project carefully planned since 2010. We aim to offer sustainable, slow fashion with an open attitude.

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