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Rediviva Dress Sabinne


is an artistic manifesto for introspection, regeneration, revival, and renewal.


It is made by artisans with complementary visions, using sustainable, creative techniques.

Find it a kind reminder to look for beauty even in the darkest moments.

Sabinne Rediviva Dress







@ANAILIE.DESIGN is a Romanian contemporary jewelry brand who specialises in working with leather and vintage metallic elements , recovered from thrift fairs in Great Britain, France and Romania. 

"I create unique pieces of jewelry, filled with emotion, after a long process of introspection based on something that has forever left a mark on my existence.”


@S.A.B.I.N.N.E creates clothing that carries a message for free speech, for overcoming socio-cultural norms in order to build a unique image, exploring new meanings. The one-of-a-kind pieces are crafted in a sustainable fashion, with great attention to detail.  

“I believe in making art out of fashion. I create clothing that enhance the wearer s assets. Versatile and dynamic, adaptable and creative, my pieces stir up curiosity and  entice the spirit.”

All About Me

Rediviva Dress Sabinne
Rediviva Dress Sabinne
Rediviva Dress Sabinne

captured by Iulian Sima
model: Diana Simota

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