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Denim triangle bra made from small pieces of denim from dated clothing




Our vital energy comes from our sense of wonder.

The most creative state for a human being is the eternal state of child-like curiosity. 

Never stop wondering. 

Always question everything, be amazed of what is standing before you, experiment, learn, live!

This is not just the attribute of childhood. 

Growing up does not mean being cynical.

This ”wondering” is the essence of life. To stop being curious about the world you live in means the slow death of the spirit.




Inspired by ocean waves crashing on spectacular cliffs, eroding some apparently ”unmovable”, massive structures, creating new forms naturally evolving into others, micro-organisms permanently regenerating, thise ”infinite structures” (formations that do not seize to grow, develop and evolve) capture the imagination of the designer who attempts to recreate the 3D structures and contrasting textures to present this never-ending natural process (sea foam, waves breaking on tall cliffs, tiny sea-creatures, the sun rays reflecting on the surface of the water).




For more than two years, after a shout-out on our social media channels, we gathered many denim pieces that were outdated or damaged, with the purpose to deconstruct them and create new inovative items, giving them a new life. It is a known fact that to make the cotton necessary for a pair of jeans you need 15 000 litres of water, so this industry has very negative effects on the environment. We intend to offer recycling and up-cycling solutions for the existing denim pieces in our atelier to prevent further pollution. 




The intention was to create a sustainable fashion project with 80% of fabrics coming from existing denim pieces of clothing. In order to transform the denim we collected in the last two years, we used collage techniques, draping and certain stitches to make new interesting 3D textile structures and layers. Other techniques such as fringing, painting or decolouring were used to make new textures. Alternating denim with soft, light-reflecting fabrics, tulle or sequins helped us express our concept and create complete contemporary atypical but wearable outfits. 

After cutting the big pattern pieces, the small pieces of fabric left over are integrated in several collages or used to create accessories (bags, bandanas, scarves, bras, earrings, brallette, etc.). Every piece of fabric can be used so we have almost ”0 waste” fashion collection.

Denim Bra

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