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teahouse soul

Honours the type of social interaction a typical place of encounter such as the teahouse offered. As this latest collection for the summer of 2020 has been a product of the quarantine the pandemic dictated, it is an expression of longing for human interaction, for the simple act of conversation between strangers, for the basic socialization. 

Credits: photos by Iulian Sima

             model: Delfina Trifan

             MUA: Daniela Stanciu

Being nostalgic for closeness and everything that comes with it, brought back soul references and took a turn towards portraying a modern icon of soul music. Always in my heart, her beats, her lyrics and her soft, tough smile. Amy forever.

The collection consists of pieces made from 100% cotton gingham fabric in red, black and white and light blue, toughened by accents of latex. With sustainability always in mind, one piece is made from all the pieces of fabric that could be salvaged and given a new life. 

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