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SABINNE Clothing, The Practical Side of Glamour

A very rock n roll take on SABINNE s versatile pieces - had the absolute pleasure to connect with Alina Aliman for an interview and a photoshoot of the latest collection Jezebel. Captured so artistically by Razvan Mihalachi, in a very welcoming setting: Galateca Gallery.

Here is an abstract from the interview:

I think the ”practical” can be translated into sustainable. Just as I mentioned before, I do not own a lot of clothes, I do not believe in status-shopping, I customise everything and take the labels off my items, because I am wearing myself and my clothes are a part of who I am, they are part of the message I am communicating. I like statement pieces, out-of-the-box elements and classic cuts, so… magic and practicality! I would never wear something that doesn’t allow me to be my own personal self.


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