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Romanian Design Week Unicredit Workshop - Creating a Sustainable Business 17-19 May 2023

Romanian Design Week and Unicredit Lab partnered to develop this event so that creatives and mentors from all areas could connect and learn from each other. Sabina Georgescu was selected to take part in this and found the know-how and information from the mentors invited to speak very enticing. A very warm thank you to the RDW team, mentors: Tudor Coltan, Erna Samoila, Dalia Poleac, Anca Ungureanu, Avi Cicirean and Tudor Juravlea, and fellow creatives for making this a very interesting learning and networking experience.

photos by: Claudiu Popescu, Roald Aron

Together with Anca Ungureanu, Unicredit bank, one of our speakers and mentors at the Romanian Design Week Workshop.

Group photo featuring 10 amazing sustainable creators, their mentors at this workshop: Tudor Coltan, Dalia Poleac, Anca Ungureanu and some of the members of the RDW team who made us feel so welcomed here.


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