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Nelumbo Nucifera

At this moment, China occupies the first place in the world at cotton production for the textile business prezent, followed by India and the US . It is a known fact that to wet the cotton necessary to make a new pair of jeans  somewhere around 15 000 litres of water is consumed.

I created this statement head piece from scraps of dated denim to show that we can give new useful, decorative form to unused cotton. The piece is inspired by 19th century chinese  ceremonial wear, based on the lotus flower, which was intensely used in Asia as a symbol for spiritual rebirth and illumination. The lotus flower is considered sacred both in the hinduist as well as the  budhist culture.

Creative Sustainability Week

On October 1st 2023 the second edition of Creative Sustainability Week initiated by Galateca Gallery and the Cultural Association Neo Art, Romania takes place, uniting 50 artists and partners in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara. 

This project is curated and coordinated by Anca Boeriu and Andreea Sandu, in collaboration with Elena Aronoaie-Adorian, Lucian Broscățean și Ana Negoiță.


This Sunday, October 1st, a marathon of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, performances and urban installations will take place on Victory Lane Open Streets - Urban Promenade in the centre of Bucharest and around the Galateca Gallery space, between 11:00 and 21:00.  

Workshop "Ecollage" , lead by Sabina Georgescu, designer and founder of clothing brand Sabinne starts at 11:00. Children aged between 6 and 12 are welcome to learn about sustainable fashion and make collages from scraps of denim.

free entrance

The National Museum of Literature, Kretzulescu Street presents a capsule exhibition of sustainable contemporary jewelry by 8 artists: Nicoleta Bucșaru, Octavia Chiru,  Ioana Deak,  Katerini,  Diana Pântea, Alexe Popescu,, Sabinne.


In front of Galateca Gallery theere is a botanical installation by Beatrice Stoicovici.


On Victory Lane, you can admire Mihai Zgondoiu's creation on a Mini Racing Car and the conceptual installation: Heart of the City.

The day continues with a conference of sustainability and the unveiling of INSIDE/ OUTSIDE exhibition at Galatca Gallery.


Satellite events take place in Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2023, where on October 6th, CODRU SustainArt village x CSWeek, with an art exhibition featuring artists:Vladimir Simion Boeriu, Alin Carpen, Augustin Cupșa, Laura Duduleanu, Petru Lucaci, Andreea Medar, Nicolae Moldovan, Lelia Rus, Elena Scutaru, Valentina Ștefănescu,  Mihai Zgondoiu și una de design în cadrul căreia sunt invitați Nicoleta Bucșaru, Sandra Chira, Octavia Chiru, Dragoș Ionuț , Ecaterina Colasâz, Alexe Popescu, Roxana Puriș, Sabina Georgescu and Anca Zaharia. 


Also important for the design enthusiasts is the BMW-Design and architecture presented by designer David Carp director Max Gruber.

In the outer space one can admire the urban installations and works by  Elena Aronoaie-Adorian, Alex Simion Boeriu,  Anca Boeriu, Ioana Cionte, Felix Cionte,  Darie Dup,  Andrei Felea, Bianca Orbocea,  Cosmin Paulescu,  Liviu Stoicoviciu, Vlad Țenu, Lucian Zdrob. The program includes workshops, artist-talks, movie projections and doccumentaries, concerts, an eco-performance Alina Tofan. 


Starting from October 10th, the CSWeek marathon continues in Cluj, with an exhibition of the University of Decorative Arts, Fashion Department curated by Lucian Broscățean. 


The urban installations and the eco-art and design exhibitions can are open to the public until the end of October.

CSWeek, second edition, aims to connect communities, rediscover nature and what is naturally part of the urban landscape and present or create examples of several sustainable practices and popularising them amongst creative communities. CSWeek suggests an international platform and a bi-annual national event to bring forward special artistic and creative practices on sustainable design, showing the impact of sustainability in our society and how easy it is for each of us to leave a positive mark for a better future: 

Organisers: Galateca Gallery and Cultural Association Neo Art România


Sponsors: BMW, Renovatio

Parteners: Bucharest City Hall, Arcub, Goethe Institute, Cervantes Institute, Holcim, Reciclad’Or, AQUA Carpatica, Domeniile Sâmburești

Partner spaces: creart, National Museum of Romanian Literature,  OAR Bucharest, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Hotel Novotel, Hotel Cișmigiu, Meron

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Media partners:, Revista Arta,  Biz, Agenția C’Arte,, Propagarta, Aici a stat, Radio România Cultural Cultural, Metropola TV, Cartierul Creativ

Capsule Exhibition of Sustainable Contemporary Jewelry at the National Museum of Romanian Literature

Opening and Artist Talk

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