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Reuse Recycle Upgrade Denim

A workshop on how to turn an old pair of jeans into something new and useful.


It involves making small items, clothing accessories or home decorative objects, or toys from fabric pieces resulted from dated or damaged denim pieces. The participants also learn several restyling techniques, up cycling ideas for deconstructed denim pieces, creative transformations in order to give new life to old clothing. 

During the workshop we talk about sustainability in fashion, why it is necessary to implement or use fabrics and resources in the smartest way possible, with a positive impact on the environment so that younger generations can inherit a healthy Earth. 

After a call to action on social media launched about two years ago by Sabinne we gathered around 50 pieces of denim clothing that were damaged, or dated. From this we made the Sense of Wonder collection 

In order to save or reuse even the smallest pieces of fabric we shall use techniques of cutting, painting, sewing, embroidery, collage, glueing together, painting, folding or intertwining. 

In the end, participants shall take their objects with them, along with much valuable information on sustainability and practical advice. 

The goal of this workshop is to inform, to educate the public, to communicate the idea of sustainability in fashion and the fact that everyone of us can bring their contribution to a better environment.

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